Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics

21-27 July 2024, Prague, Czech Republic

20th anniversary of the first (FQMT'04) conference, 10th FQMT conference.
Invited Posters
Dana Z Anderson, Noah Fitch, and Victor Colussi
Simulation and Experiments with the cloud-accessible ultracold-matter hardware Oqtant
Christopher G Baker, Walter W Wasserman, Matthew T Reeves, Raymond A Harrison, Igor Marinkovic, Glen I Harris, and Warwick P Bowen
Nonlinear hydrodynamics on a chip: wave breaking and multisoliton fission in a superfluid waveflume
Alessandro Braggio
Thermoelectricity in superconducting nanotechnologies
Daine L Danielson, Gautam Satishchandran, and Robert M Wald
Asymptotic Charge Induced Decoherence in QED and Quantum Gravity
Daniele Di Miceli, Julian Legendre, and Thomas Schmidt
Superconducting proximity coupling in thin films of magnetic topological insulators.
Giuseppe A. Falci
Open-loop quantum control of small-size networks for high-order cumulants and cross-correlations sensing
Ikuzo Kanazawa
Fractional Charges and Triply Degenerate States of Fermion Zero Modes on the Domain Wall of the Quantum Dot
Michal Kolář and Radim Filip
Negative Wigner function by decaying interaction from equilibrium
Jun Hee Lee
Bosonic phonon pairing causes a bulk-boundary duality
Axel Gagge, Themistoklis Mavrogordatos, and Jonas Larson
Exploring phononlike interactions in one-dimensional Bose-Fermi mixtures
Billie V DeLuca, Milo Hyde, and Anil K Patnaik
Quantum Coherent Transfer Function for Generic Pulse Storage and Retrival
Milan Radonjić, Leon Mixa, Axel Pelster, and Michael Thorwart
Nanomechanically-induced nonequilibrium quantum phase transition in a Bose-Einstein condensate
Trever Harborth, Jacob Emerick, and Yuri Rostovtsev
The refractive index of a single three-level atom experienced by a quantum field
Georgi Gary Rozenman
Toward a coherent ultracold chemistry: controlling ultracold collisions of NaLi molecules
Irene A. Picatoste and Rafael Sánchez
Autonomous demon with coupled qutrits
Peter Schmitteckert
Automatic generation of spin and spin-bath Hamiltonians
Daigo Yoshino and Yasuhiro Tokura
Thermodynamic Property of a CMOS Device beyond Landauer Limit
Yasuhiro Utsumi
Network analysis for the steady-state thermodynamic uncertainty relation
Meng Xu, Vasilii Vadimov, Malte Krug, Jürgen T. Stockburger, and Joachim Ankerhold
A Universal Framework for Quantum Dissipation: Minimally Extended State Space and Exact Time-Local Dynamics
Angelo Valli, Pascu Moca, Tomaz Prosen, and Gergely Zaránd
Full counting statistics and Kardar-Parisi-Zhang scaling in infinite temperature quantum spin chains
Matthias Zimmermann and the QCMobility-Team
Quantum Computing and Mobility (QCMobility)

Contributed Posters
Lavakumar Addepalli and P. K. Pathak
Exciton-Phonon Effects in the Coherently Driven Two Quantum Dots-Photonic Microcavity System Showing Cooperative Two-photon Lasing
Stefan Aimet, Mohammadamin Tajik, João Sabino, Gabrielle Tournaire, Spyros Sotiriadis, Giacomo Guarnieri, Philipp Schüttelkopf, Jörg Schmiedmayer, and Jens Eisert
Experimentally probing Landauer’s principle in the quantum many-body regime
Mohammad B. Arjmandi, Michal Kolář, and Radim Filip
Coherent ergotropy in thermalized intra-system couplings
Sian Barbosa, Maximilian Kiefer-Emmanouilidis, Felix Lang, Jennifer Koch, and Artur Widera
Tunable anomalous diffusion of ultracold Fermi gases in time-dependent disorder: From localization to Fermi-accelerated superdiffusion
Khai Bordon, Fatema Tanjia, and Joan Vaccaro
Resolution of Discrete Quantum Clock-Time Observable
Jesús Casado-Pascual, Álvaro Sáiz, Jamil Khalouf-Rivera, José Miguel Arias, and Pedro Pérez-Fernández
Quantum Phase Transitions in periodically quenched systems
Jesús Casado-Pascual and Luis Octavio Castaños-Cervantes
Quantum ratchet with Lindblad rate equations
Fartash Chalangari, Simo Selinummi, Joonas Keski-Rahkonen, and Esa Räsänen
Electronic Transport in Quantum-Chaotic Nanostructures
Hamoon Fahrvandi and Jun Hee Lee
Strong light-matter interaction in ferroelectric materials
Lu Han, Adam Sykulski, and Lev Kantorovich
Universal Approach to Dynamics of Finite and Extended Atomistic Systems in the Phase Space
Zhongyi Jiang and Mohammad Ansari
Concurrent fermionic simulation gates for superconducting qubits
Radhika Joshi, Julian Rapp, Alwin van Steensel, and Mohammad Ansari
Entropy flow in CR-gate
Kicheon Kang
The role of virtual photons in the quantum locality of the Aharonov-Bohm effect
Hyun Jun Kim
Monitoring human respiration and diagnosing sleep disorders using an infrared gas imaging camera with quantum detector
Yungyeom Kim and Jun Hee Lee
Emerging Weyl Point in a ferroelectric
Jishad Kumar and Tapio Ala-Nissila
Confinement effects on the weak-field magnetic susceptibility of a two-dimensional electron gas
Geunsik Lee
Spin ordering in an intercalated magnetic bilayer
Zhanyu Ma and Eran Sela
Quantum correlations from work statistics of many-body systems
Johannes Hauff, Joachim Ankerhold, Sabine Andergassen, Wolfgang Belzig, Gianluca Rastelli, and Dominik Maile
Charge dissipation in Josephson Circuits and its Impact on Phase Dynamics
Moein N. Ivaki, Achilleas Lazarides, and Tapio Ala-Nissila
Quantum reservoir computing on random regular graphs
Tim Neidig, Jan Rais, Hendrik van Hees, Marcus Bleicher, and Carsten Greiner
Kadanoff-Baym Equations for open quantum systems
María Laura Olivera-Atencio, Lucas Lamata, Manuel Morillo, and Jesús Casado-Pascual
Quantum Reinforcement Learning in the presence of Thermal Dissipation.
Noejung Park, Jinseok Oh, and Uiseok Jeong
Static and dynamics spin states in quantum mechanical solenoid structures
Roxana-Diana Pasca and Attila Bende
Ab initio molecular dynamics of Rydberg-type electronic excited state dynamics in small sodium water clusters
Eloy Piñol Jimenez, Themistoklis Mavrogordatos, Dustin Keys, Romain Veyron, Piotr Sierant, Miguel Ángel García March, Samuele Grandi, Morgan Mitchell, Jan Wehr, and Maciej Lewenstein
Telling different unravelings apart via non-linear quantum-trajectory averages
Jan Rais, Tim Neidig, Hendrik van Hees, and Carsten Greiner
Open Quantum Systems with Kadanoff-Baym- and Lindblad equations
Sarath Sankar, Corentin Bertrand, Antoine Georges, Eran Sela, and Yigal Meir
Detector tuned overlap Catastrophe in quantum dots
Germain Tobar, Sreenath K Manikandan, Thomas Beitel, and Igor Pikovski
Detecting single gravitons with quantum sensing
Germain Tobar, Joshua Foo, Sofia Qvarfort, and Magdalena Zych
Optomechanical analogues of spacetime superpositions
Chikako Uchiyama
Dynamics of a quantum interacting system - Global approach extended beyond the Born-Markov and secular approximations-
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto, Leonid I Glazman, and Manuel Houzet
Heat transport across a Josephson junction
Chao Zheng
Quantum simulation of various non-Hermitian systems
Chao Zheng
Non-Hermitian generalization of quantum Rényi entropy