Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics

21-27 July 2024, Prague, Czech Republic

20th anniversary of the first (FQMT'04) conference, 10th FQMT conference.


The organizers of the conference have reserved limited number of rooms for participants of FQMT'24 in the Pyramida Hotel, the site of the conference, with discount price.
Discounted prices will be valid even for the participant accommmodation in the Pyramida Hotel several days before and after the conference, so the partcipants can enjoy Prague for longer time.

In the Pyramida Hotel most of the FQMT'24 conference events will take place, including all regular talks, poster session and some social events.
The hotel provides its guests with breakfast and for the participants of the conference a possibility to buy a lunch at a reduced price. Participants are strongly recommended to accommodate in this hotel and to book since this gives them a possibility of optimal use of their time during the conference.

Organizers of FQMT'24 would like to ask participants (especially the invited ones) to reserve their accommodation as soon as possible. The number of reserved rooms in Pyramida Hotel is now limited as well as price discounts are time limited. The organizers are able to reserve additional rooms with the discount prices for participants only if the need arises in time.

Rooms in the Pyramida Hotel are reserved from Sunday July 21 till Sunday July 28, but when you reserve your room sufficiently early there will be a very good chance for you to reserve your accommodation (for the discount price) for any period of time between July 18 and July 30. Participants thus can use these discount prices for their accommodation to take part in both conference and enjoy Prague for longer time either before or after FQMT'24.

Please, use for your reservation the direct link to the Pyramida Hotel via reservation form linked below. When communicating with the Pyramida Hotel, please use as the password FQMT24.

Accommodation booking
Link to FQMT'24 Pyramida Hotel reservation form
(Special discount prices for FQMT'24 participants)
Pyramida Hotel
Comfortable four-star hotel, the site of FQMT'24 - most of the conference program will be held there.

Orea hotel Pyramida ****, Bělohorská 24, 169 01 Praha 6

Selected facilities:

Further characteristics: Discount prices per night:

Please notice that there are no single-bed rooms in the Pyramida Hotel

Reservation before May 31, 2024:
(prices can further increase after this deadline or rooms will not be available at all) Children under 12:
In the case of some special request you can write directly to the Hotel using the e-mail address rezervace@hotelpyramida.cz

The hotel is located on the very edge of Prague's historic center, in the area of Prague called Břevnov. It takes, however, only 20 minutes to get there by car from the Prague - Ruzyně (Václav Havel) International Airport. Close to the Prague Castle, it is surrounded by parks and residence areas. For more details and how to get there see Venue.

Accessibility - ground transportation
When booking the room in the Pyramida Hotel, you can order transfer from the airport organized by the Hotel. We strongly recommend to order the transfer during your room reservation; you can do simply do it by one click in the reservation form.

Parking places
Guarded parking places are available at the Hotel for about 10 EUR per 24 hours.

Many historical places of Prague, as for example Prague Castle or Charles Bridge, can be reached from the Pyramida Hotel within a pleasant 30 minutes walk.

Distances to Points of Interest
International Airport Praha Ruzyne - 8 km: 15 minutes by car, 45 minutes by bus
Prague Castle - 1.5 km: 20 minutes pleasant walk or 3 minutes by tram, then 5 minutes walk
The Lesser Town - 3 km: 10 minutes by tram
The Charles Bridge - 3 km: 30-40 minutes walking via Prague Castle or 10 minutes by tram and 5 minutes walk
The Old Town Square - 4 km: 10 minutes by tram then 10 minutes by underground followed by 5 minutes walk
Jewish Town - 4 km: 10 minutes by tram then 5 minutes by underground followed by 5 minutes walk

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Please use the booking form at the
FQMT'24 Pyramida Hotel reservation page.