Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics

21-27 July 2024, Prague, Czech Republic

20th anniversary of the first (FQMT'04) conference, 10th FQMT conference.

Practical Summary

Conference dates

Other important dates you can find under the item Important dates.

Scientific Program and Participation

You can find scope and topics of the FQMT'24 here.

The scientific program of the conference you can find under the items Detailed program and Program summary.

Invited contributions:

Core of the conference scientific program will consist of:
Non-invited contributions:

Public lectures are a traditional important part of the program.


Social Program (subject to change)

The FQMT'24 social program features welcome party and several concerts, all available both for conference participants and accompanying persons. One of the concerts will be combined with the public lectures. The conference dinner (paid service) will be held on Friday. Some of these events will take place at magnificent historical sites of Prague.

You will find the summary of the social program under the item Social events, concerts.

Services/materials provided during the conference

For the conference participants the following services will be provided:

For the accompanying persons the following services/materials will be provided:

Conference Site

The FQMT'24 main conference site is the Pyramida Hotel located very close to the historical parts of Prague city.

In this place most of the FQMT'24 conference events will take place, including all regular talks, one public lecture and concert, poster session, and round table discussion.

You can find the description of all conference sites and how to get there on the www page Venue.


The FQMT'24 on-site registration will take place in the conference site, in the Entrance Hall of the Pyramida Hotel on:

Later on, there will be a possibility to register in the Conference Office on the ground floor of the Hotel.
The participants are kindly asked to register, if possible, on Sunday, July 21.

Conference Fee

All participants, including invited speakers and organizers, are kindly requested to pay the conference fee.

You will find details about the conference fees (amounts, instructions for payment) at the www page Conference Fee.

Accommodation at the Conference Site

The Pyramida Hotel also provides high-quality accommodation.

Booking of rooms in the Pyramida Hotel for the FQMT’24 participants is available by a special link at the page Accommodation.


Lunches from Monday till Saturday

All participants (and their accompanying persons) can:

Dinners (subject to change)