Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics

21-27 July 2024, Prague, Czech Republic

20th anniversary of the first (FQMT'04) conference, 10th FQMT conference.

Instructions for Authors

Abstract preparation

Maximum length of the abstract is an equivalent of A4 page, including title, authors' names and affiliations. Authors are kindly asked to submit their abstract using on-line form available from the FQMT'24 homepage. In the form, you can type in special characters (superscripts, subscripts and Greek letters) and enter references, however figures are not allowed.

Instructions for speakers

Facilities available for oral presentations:

Formats allowed for the computer presentations

For your presentation you can use either your notebook or the conference one.

Very important:
We would like to ask all speakers, in the case they will use the conference notebook for their presentation, either to send us the presentation file by E-mail or at least to copy the file to the notebook in time (before lectures). The speakers who will employ their own notebook are also kindly asked to test a connection with the data projector in advance. This will help us to prevent time problems (between lectures), should a possible problem or incompatibility emerge.


Poster session date will be announced later on.

A single board will be assigned for each poster.
Dimensions: width 97 cm, height 119 cm
Pins will be available.