Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics

31 July - 6 August 2022, Prague, Czech Republic

Invited Posters
Roland E Allen
Predictions of a fundamental statistical picture
Wolfgang Belzig and Adam Bednorz
Relativity and vacuum fluctuations in quantum measurement
Giampiero Marchegiani, Francesco Giazotto, and Alessandro Braggio
Bipolar thermoelectricity by spontaneous particle-hole symmetry breaking
Luis de la Peña and Ana María Cetto
Role of the vacuum field in the transition from classical to quantum mechanics
Thiago Rodrigues de Oliveira, Daniel Jonathan, and Cleverson Cherubim
Nonadiabatic coupled-qubit Otto cycle with bidirectional operation and efficiency gains
Maron F Anka, Daniel Jonathan, and Thiago Rodrigues de Oliveira
Measurement-based quantum heat engine in a multilevel system
Andre Erpenbeck, Emanuel Gull, and Guy Cohen
Steady state formulation of inchworm Quantum Monte Carlo
Giuseppe Falci, Luigi Giannelli, Giuliano Benenti, Alessandro Ridolfo, Simone Montangero, and Elisabetta Paladino
Quantum control in ultrastrongly coupled matter and radiation
Ido Siovitz, Philipp Heinen, Aleksandr N. Mikheev, Christian M. Schmied, Stefan Lannig, Maximilian Prüfer, Jan Dreher, Yannick Deller, Helmut Strobel, Markus K. Oberthaler, and Thomas Gasenzer
Instantons and self-similar scaling in a 1D spin-1 Bose gas far from equilibrium
D. Christian Glattli
Anyonic relations in circuit QED and beyond
Michal Kolář and Radim Filip
Thermally generated autonomous coherence of subsystems
Juan Ramón Muñoz de Nova and Fernando Sols
Continuous time crystal from a spontaneous many-body Floquet state
Ludovico Tesser, Bibek Bhandari, Paolo Andrea Erdman, Elisabetta Paladino, Rosario Fazio, and Fabio Taddei
Heat rectification through single and coupled quantum dots
C. Marletto, V. Vedral, S. Virzì, E. Rebufello, A. Avella, F. Piacentini, M. Gramegna, I. P. Degiovanni, and M. Genovese
Pseudo-density operators: from modeling chronology-violating regions to recovering quantum dynamics via temporal teleportation
Yuri Rostovtsev, Jacob Emerick, Colin Roy, and Anil Patnaik
Propagation of chirped pulses: STIRAP with single photons
Georgi Gary Rozenman, Freyja Ullinger, Matthias Zimmermann, Maxim .A. Efremov, Wolfgang P. Schleich, Lev Shemer, and Ady Arie
Surface gravity waves: Quantum phenomena in classical waves
Sungguen Ryu, Rosa López, and Raúl Toral
Quantum consensus dynamics by entangling Maxwell demon
Vasco Cavina, Thomas L Schmidt, and Massimiliano Esposito
Fluctuating thermodynamics in the Caldeira Leggett model - from the quantum mechanical to an effective Langevin description
Robin C. Verstraten, Rodrigo F. Ozela, and Cristiane Morais Smith
Time glass: A fractional calculus approach
Lucas A Ostrowski, Travis J. Baker, S. Nariman Saadatmand, and Howard M. Wiseman
No trade-off between coherence and sub-Poissonianity for Heisenberg-limited lasers
Patrick Navez, Alexander Balanov, Sergey Savel'ev, and Alexandre Zagoskin
Reaching the Heisenberg limit with a qubit sensor array
András Grabarits, Márton Kormos, and Gergely Zaránd
Symplectic speed-up of adiabatic quantum computation

Contributed Posters
Gustavo Armendáriz Peña and Víctor Manuel Velázquez Aguilar
Design and manufacturing of a beams splitter in chip to produce different quantum statistics
Neil David Barrie, Chengcheng Han, and Hitoshi Murayama
Affleck-Dine leptogenesis from Higgs inflation
Julia Boeyens and Stefan Nimmrichter
Continuous measurements for adaptive qubit thermometry
Marilia Santos Barros, Ivana Carneiro de Lucena, Adson Silva, Anderson Barbosa, and Jorge Gabriel Gomes Ramos
Shot noise on chaotic chiral devices
Brecht Donvil and Paolo Muratore-Ginanneschi
Quantum trajectories for general time local master equations
Michael Kopp, Vasileios Fragkos, and Igor Pikovski
Quantum effects in axion dark matter
Felix Gerken, Thore Posske, Shaul Mukamel, and Michael Thorwart
Unique signatures of topological phases in two-dimensional THz spectroscopy
Jonas Glatthard, Jesús Rubio, Rahul Sawant, Thomas Hewitt, Giovanni Barontini, and Luis A. Correa
Optimal cold atom thermometry using adaptive Bayesian strategies
Jonas Glatthard and Luis A. Correa
Bending the rules of low-temperature thermometry with periodic driving
Alan K. Harrison
Application of a quantum action principle to a simple beam splitter experiment
Thomas D. Honeychurch and Daniel S. Kosov
Electron-vibration interactions for AC driven quantum transport
Paweł Karwat, Grzegorz Pasławski, Paul Damery, Frank Bello, and Ortwin Hess
Thermal quantum nanomachine with near-field plasmonics for generation of (phonon) lasing
Hila Katznelson and Saar Rahav
Nonuniform convergence in moment expansions of integral work relations
Dominik Maile, Joachim Ankerhold, Sabine Andergassen, Wolfgang Belzig, and Gianluca Rastelli
Engineering the speedup of quantum tunneling in Josephson systems via dissipation
Ilse Maillette de Buy Wenniger, Sarah E. Thomas, Maria Maffei, Stephen C. Wein, Mathias Pont, Abdelmounaim Harouri, Aristide Lemaitre, Isabelle Sagnes, Niccolo Somaschi, Alexia Auffèves, and Pascale Senellart
Coherence-powered energy exchanges between a solid-state qubit and light fields
Savvas Malikis and Vadim Cheianov
An ideal rapid-cycle Thouless pump
Fabio Mauceri, Alberto Mercurio, Omar Di Stefano, and Salvatore Savasta
Ultrastrong coupling of a qubit with a nonlinear optical resonator
Mor Mayer, Gilad Levy, and Oren Tal
Work to heat conversion in atomic springs
Alberto Mercurio, Vincenzo Macrì, Chris Gustin, Stephen Hughes, Salvatore Savasta, and Franco Nori
Regimes of cavity-QED under incoherent excitation: From weak to deep strong coupling
Juliette Monsel, Jens Schulenborg, Thibault Baquet, and Janine Splettstoesser
Geometric energy transport and refrigeration with driven quantum dots
Soham Pal, Toby John Mitchell, Sophia Belser, Hamidreza Siampour, and Helana Knowles
Quantum sensing and simulations using NV centres in diamond
Riley Preston, Thomas Honeychurch, and Daniel Kosov
A Keldysh-Langevin approach to modelling nuclear dynamics in molecular junctions
Enrico Russo, Alberto Mercurio, Fabio Mauceri, Rosario Lo Franco, Salvatore Savasta, Franco Nori, and Vincenzo Macrì
Two-photon optomechanical hopping
Dominik Šafránek, Dario Rosa, and Felix Binder
Work extraction from unknown quantum sources
Urbashi Satpathi, Sayak Ray, and Amichay Vardi
Chaos assisted many-body tunneling
Tanja Schoger, Benjamin Spreng, Gert-Ludwig Ingold, and Paulo A. Maia Neto
Casimir interaction between two spheres with perfect electromagnetic boundary conditions
Varinder Singh, Vahid Shaghaghi, Ozgur Esat Mustecaplioglu, and Dario Rosa
Thermodynamic uncertainty relation in degenerate an non degenerate maser heat engine
Dalibor Štys and Renata Štysová Rychtáriková
Agent model of Covid 19 disease spreading and its confrontation with excess deaths data explains real effects of governance strategies
Bilal Tanatar, Fatemeh Pouresmaeli, and Saeed H. Abedinpour
Density and pseudo-spin rotons in a bilayer of soft-core bosons
Bilal Tanatar, Iran Seydi, and Saeed H. Abedinpour
Quasiparticle properties of three-dimensional soft-core fermions
Freyja Ullinger, Matthias Zimmermann, and Wolfgang P Schleich
The logarithmic phase singularity in the inverted harmonic oscillator
Krithika V.R, Parvinder Solanki, Sai Vinjanampathy, and Mahesh T.S
Observation of quantum phase-synchronization in a nuclear spin-system
Krithika V.R, Santhanam M.S, and Mahesh T.S
Experimental studies of dynamical tunneling in nuclear spin systems using NMR
Tsuyoshi Yamamoto and Takeo Kato
Quantum heat transport through a multi-level system coupled to bosonic reservoirs
Misha Yutushui, Ady Stern, and David F. Mross
Can charge measurements identify the nu=5/2 state?
Krissia Zawadzki, Rémi Lefevre, and Grégoire Ithier
A statistical approach for the many-body density of states of spinless fermions
Matteo Zendra, Shmuel Gurvitz, Giuseppe Luca Celardo, and Fausto Borgonovi
Many-body tunnelling in a symmetric double-well potential