Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics

18-24 July 2021, Prague, Czech Republic

Invited Posters

Contributed Posters
Colin Benjamin and Subhajit Pal
Josephson quantum spin thermodynamics
Maria Maffei, Patrice Camati, and Alexia Auffèves
Two-body quantum energetics: the case of waveguide quantum electrodynamics
Alba Crescente, Matteo Carrega, Maura Sassetti, and Dario Ferraro
Ultrafast charging in a two-photon Dicke quantum battery
Billie DeLuca and Anil Patnaik
An Analytical Framework for the Storage and Retrieval of Arbitrary Light Pulses
Jérôme Denis and John Martin
Extreme depolarization for any spin
András Grabarits, Márton Kormos, Izabella Lovas, and Gergely Zaránd
Non-Gaussian work statistics in fermionic nanostructures
Violeta Nikolaeva Ivanova-Rohling, Guido Burkard, and Niklas Rohling
Machine-learning framework for customized optimal quantum state tomography
Mariia Gumberidze, Michal Kolář, and Radim Filip
Pairwise Measurement Induced Synthesis of Quantum Coherence
I. Maillette de Buy Wenniger, S. E. Thomas, M. Maffei, M. Pont, S. C. Wein, A. Harouri, A. Lemaitre, I. Sagnes, N. Somaschi, A. Auffeves, and P. Senellart
Work extraction from quantum coherence
Dimitris Moustos
Thermalization of accelerated Brownian particles
Alexander Popert, Tomasz Smolenski, Yuya Shimazaki, Puneet Murthy, Thibault Chervy, Kenji Watanabe, Takashi Taniguchi, Martin Kroner, and Atac Imamoglu
Coupled Fermi seas: remotely inducing a moiré potential on a 2D semiconductor
Christian Kohlfürst, Friedemann Queisser, and Ralf Schützhold
Dynamically assisted tunneling in the impulse regime
Konstantin Yu Arutyunov, Janne S Lechtinen, Alexey A Radkevich, Andrew G Semenov, and Andrei D Zaikin
Superconducting insulators
Giacomo Rebora
Interaction effects in Quantum Hall edge channels at ν=2
Violeta Nikolaeva Ivanova-Rohling, Niklas Rohling, and Guido Burkard
Optimal quantum state tomography measurement set under noise
Colin D Roy, Pooja Singh, Glen Perram, Anil K. Patnaik, and Yuri Rostovtsev
Influence of coherent population trapping on propagation of chirped pulses
Janis Ruza
Phenomelogy of quantum states
Dominik Safranek and Juzar Thingna
Collecting information about a quantum system through indirect measurements
Francisco J Sevilla, Andrea Valdés-Hernández, and Alan Josep Barrios de la Cruz
The induced order of quantum distinguishability and quantum speed limit
Hala Siddiq, Kostyantyn Nasyedkin, Kimitoshi Kono, Dmitry Zmeev, Peter V. E. McClintock, Yuri A. Pashkin, and Aneta Stefanovska
Reconstruction of the electron oscillations on the surface of liquid helium.
Bartłomiej J. Spisak, Damian Kołaczek, and Maciej Wołoszyn
Dynamics of the defective Schrödinger cat state in dispersive media
Dalibor Štys and Renata Rychtáriková
Oscillations in the agent - based model of the mucose virus spreading indicate and explain the general failure of lockdown measures in combatting the SARS-CoV2 in European countries
Salvatore Tirone, Raffaele Salvia, and Vittorio Giovannetti
Quantum Energy Lines and the optimal output ergotropy problem
Andrea Valdés-Hernández and Francisco J Sevilla
Quantum speed and mode-entanglement in multipartite bosonic systems
Ludmila Viotti, Fernando C Lombardo, Ricardo S Decca, and Paula I Villar
Towards detecting traces of quantum friction in the corrections of the accumulated geometric phase
Carolyn E Wood
What Temperature is Schrödinger’s Cat?
Keith Wyman and Anil Patnaik
Single Photon Atmospheric Turbulence Simulator Buildup