Frontiers of Quantum and Mesoscopic Thermodynamics

9 - 15 July 2017, Prague, Czech Republic

Conference Fee

All participants, including invited speakers and organizers, are requested to pay the conference fee. Because the conference budget is created only by conference fees, all participants are kindly requested to pay the conference fee at their earliest convenience.

Participant registration fee

Before March 27, 2017: 550 EUR   postponed to April 10, 2017

Between March 27 and June 1, 2017: 610 EUR

On site after arrival: 700 EUR

Accompanying person fee

Payable at any time, for each accompanying person: 130 EUR


For your convenience, two methods of payment are possible: credit/debit card or bank transfer.

  1. Payment by Credit or Debit Card

    Accepted Cards:  


    Please, type your E-mail (identical with your E-mail used at registration).

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  2. Payment by Bank Transfer

    Payment is requested to be made by bank transfer to the bank called CSOB (details see below) in Euro, only.
    Be careful that all transfer and currency exchange rate charges are fully paid by you, the sender (orderer) (the bank order OUR).
    Please, make also sure that your name and names of all persons you are paying for appear in the purpose of payment.

    Please, to avoid charges by correspondent (intermediary) banks, use for the bank transfer some of correspondent (affiliated) banks of CSOB, if possible. This is important especially as for the bank transfer from the USA. The correspondent banks of CSOB in the USA are:

    USA banks SWIFT CODE
    JPMorgan Chase Bank CHASUS33
    Bank of New York Mellon IRVTUS3N
    Deutsche Bank Trust Co. Americas BKTRUS33

    The correspondent banks for other countries you can find on www pages of CSOB - correspondent banks

    Please, fill in your bank transfer order according to the following example:

    Charges paid by: sender (orderer)
    Please, use the order OUR - all charges paid by orderer (the whole amount of payment will be remitted to beneficiary)

    Payment code: 384

    Account number: 268278839/0300
    IBAN code (if necessary - EU countries): CZ3603000000000268278839

    Name of the Account: TACCA AGENCY s.r.o.
    Schnirchova 1081/35
    Praha 7 - Holešovice
    Czech Republic
    EU VAT number: CZ01533151

    Beneficiary's bank:

    Bank name: CSOB (Ceskoslovenska obchodni banka, a.s. - if full name is needed)
    Address: Anglicka 20
    120 00 Prague 2
    Czech Republic

    For your information: www pages of CSOB

    Purpose of Payment (necessary): your name
    conference fee for FQMT'17

    It is necessary to fill in your name in the "Purpose of Payment" to avoid confusion.