Masaryk Residence Halls (Masarykova kolej)

The Masaryk Residence Halls are situated in the residential quarter of Dejvice, see map Prague center - FQMT04 sites neighbourhood . This quarter was taking shape in the early 1290's. In the same time buildings of the Czech Technical University, both for teaching and accomodation of students, were founded in Dejvice. The biggest residence halls in this area, were designed by Antonin Engel (1927), and named after the first president of Czechoslovakia, Tomas Garrigue Masaryk.

Masaryk Residence Halls are now known as one of the most important examples of the Prague architecture of the first half of the 20th century, when many exceptional buildings in the style Art Noveau, Cubism, Modernism and Functionalisms were built in Prague. This was the time when architects of Prague had a very good contacts with world architecture and such excellent architects as Josef Gocar, Josef Fanta, Pavel Janak, Adolf Loos, Josip Plecnik and others designed many new buildings and arcades of Prague.

Similarly to many official bulidings in Dejvice, built in this time, Masaryk Residence Halls were built in the style of classicism, using the colossal order on almost undecorated facades. The interior, cold at the first sight, is, however, much more structured. Engel used the translucent ceiling surfaces to let in plenty of light to point out details of interiors, see photograph of the Entrance Hall. Apart from transparent ceilings Engel used large glass areas in the walls, which he sectioned as though they were large windows. In this way he allowed volumes to visually interpenetrate and so created a possibility of good views of interiors. Various spaces were well conncted by means of well-designed staircases - see photograph of the Atrium.

The Masaryk Residence Halls were renovated in the late 1990's.